No-one should be selling or installing woodburners without giving consideration to where customers are going to store and season (dry out and harden) their wood fuel supply or where they can get pre-seasoned wood from at a reasonable price. After your installation you are going to need wood and if you haven't been collecting and seasoning the year before here is a sensible guide to get you started.

Buying Wood

Buying pre seasoned or kiln dried wood is a better option if you cannot store and dry out large amounts of 'green' wood but its really important to ask what wood type before you buy. The chart below is a reliable guide to which ones give the largest amounts of heat by volume. Don't be put off by the US units of measurement, we think they have got the comparison chart right.

If you are going to buy kiln dried ready to burn wood here are two suppliers we recommend. Click on the pictures and you will be directed to their websites for more info.

Log Stores

The best and 'greenest' way to store your wood properly is to build your own wood store and recycle as much of the building materials as you can during construction. This one was constructed with discarded pallets which were free, recycled nails and screws, OSB board, feather edge wood strips, flashing band and roofing felt. In all it houses over 4 cu.m of wood. It cost approx. £40 in materials and a weekend of laboured love. It provides shelter from the rain but allows lots of airflow around the wood for it to 'season' or dry out.

Always think ahead with wood as some varieties will take longer to dry out than others (Oak takes up to 3 years!!!). As a general rule the 'green', unseasoned wood you gather or buy this year will need storing for 12 months before you can burn it. Split it while its 'green' and as you gather more wood move the seasoned quantities closer to your woodburner.