BIG OUTPUTS (>10kw)              suitable as a primary heat source for very large rooms and other 'open to' spaces such as stairwells and adjacent rooms

If the feature is highlighted orange it means the appliance either has this as a feature or an option for it. Anything highlighted grey means its not included right now. 

**Please note that REAR FLUE, PEDESTAL and MULTIFUEL ADAPTERS can cost more on some models.**

Don't forget to CLICK on the photos to go to the manufacturer's webpage for dimensions, etc.

OLDE/TRADITIONAL STYLES                   always hugely popular, vintage designs engineered with new materials for superb efficiency 

A BLEND OF OLDE & NEW STYLES       traditional wood stove shapes and doors but engineered with modern lines and curves

CONTEMPORARY STYLES                           all sleek lines and curves with the emphasis on bigger glass viewing areas