Less is more

Choosing one of our recommended appliances can save you time, money and stress but if you have already fallen in love with another model we can help source it cheaply and install it professionally for you.

However, experience has taught us that customers want our help in narrowing down the appliance choices to suit their particular needs. We know that sorting though hundreds of appliances based on price, looks and heating output is hard enough but the frustration really starts when you find it doesn't have the additional feature/s you require after your free survey is done and then you're back to square one!

Our SIMPLE guide to choosing a woodburner

1Decide on the HEATING POWER OUTPUT you think you need by clicking on the tabs above. If you're not sure about what your optimum output should be we can offer as a guide a table, a formula or a simple 'click' on the link if you don't want to do the maths. Better still we can advise you at home during our design visit.

Formula: To determine the heat output required for your room, calculate the volume of the room in cubic metres (Width x Length x Height), and divide by 14 to find the kW requirement (this is based on a 21° rise in the room if it was 1°C outside).


2.Select the DESIGN STYLE that fits your personal aesthetic and your chosen room environment. You can click on the photos which link directly to the manufacturer's web page for each appliance.

3. Contact us to arrange a FREE HOME DESIGN VISIT and we will email you a quotation within 48 hrs.

The something different, something better bit about us

The Bath Woodburner BWB Standard*

1. HETAS APPROVED - the appliance has been double checked by HETAS that it has all the appropriate BS EN CE safety standards

2. DEFRA EXEMPT - the appliance will burn wood and smokeless fuels in smoke restricted zones such as cities and towns

3. LOW BASE TEMPERATURE - the appliance can be safely situated on a minimum 12mm non combustible hearth because even at full operating temperature the base doesn't get hotter than 100 degrees celcius

4. TOP or REAR FLUE OPTION - the appliance can be adapted to fit most fire place recesses or be free standing (note: adapters can cost more)

5. BURN EFFICIENCY - the appliance will burn wood to at least 75% efficiency (note: using dry seasoned wood which has a moisture content of less than 20%)

6. AIRWASH - the appliance is designed with air intakes to keep the door glass clean

7. MULTIFUEL OPTION - the appliance will burn smokeless coals with an adaption kit (some cost more) but it can keep the fire alight overnight!

8. REVIEWS CHECKED - the appliance has been reviewed favourably multiple times on forums and websites by 'real' people