The most common building changes required to accommodate your woodburner are....

1. Removal of unwanted fire surrounds, mantel pieces and nearby combustible materials


2. Replacement of or construction of a new hearth


3. Repair and lining of the fire recess

4. Lining the chimney with a flexible flue liner, vermiculite insulation backfill (which improves the flue liner efficiency and greatly reduces the risk of a chimney fire), fitting a top plate & clamp and reinstating the chimney pot with a bird guard rain cowl


5. Fitting the register or closure plate

6. Finishing coat plastering of the chimney breast, wall or recess


Less common but still possible are rebuilding construction hearths, lintels and exterior masonry in chimney stacks. We can even build you a false chimney breast!!

We can also build you a factory made chimney from prefabricated kits and twin wall rigid flue pipes.