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 We humans have always been fascinated by fires and if you want to create a new renewable heat source, upgrade your old wood stove or replace a gas fire we can assist you with your natural instinct to burn wood 


For some its just a pretty logo but to us the word HEART spells out our approach as a company

H is for HETAS
Certified installations mean that your woodburning appliance will be installed to the highest safety standards (building regs J 2014) and perform as efficiently as it was designed to. We will fix a HETAS notice plate to the wall and you will receive written confirmation that you have an approved installation registered with your local authority building control should you ever wish to sell your home.                                         (****Beware of any installer who cannot do this for you****)

E is for Extras as standard
We greatly appreciate your business and for choosing or continuing a greener and more efficient way to heat your home. To show our appreciation we will include a STIHL wood moisture meter and a KIDDE 5DCO digital carbon monoxide detector with every complete installation*. We will also show you how to start a perfect fire every time.


A is for Affordable 
We keep a close eye on the competition's pricing in Bath and the surrounding area and because we are not tied to or restricted by any particular manufacturer it meant we could freely select our Bath Woodburner (BWB) recommended range and pass on savings to our customers. Did you know that complete installations** start at under £1000 for a 5kw woodburner? This budget offer includes: 316/316 flexible flue liner up to 8m, insulation, chimney cowl, top plate, insert, clamp, closure plate and a flue to stove pipe adapter.
R is for Responsible
We will not sell or install woodburners where they cannot be of benefit to your home. 'WOOD IS WONDERFUL' as a heating source because it's a CARBON POSITIVE (CP) fuel. CP means that when you are burning wood in a modern, efficient woodburner you are emitting less CO2 than the CO2 absorbed by the tree when it was living. We will also give you advice about how to source and store your wonder fuel.
T is for Transparent
We will quote prices on installations in the detail you need to make an informed choice about who supplies and installs your woodburner. We do not cut corners on our installation/servicing fees but do pass on savings on materials and supplying your woodburner. This strategy usually means we can usually beat our competitors' prices and have the confidence to price match too!
* A complete installation is one where we supply and install the woodburner
** This pricing is based on minimal requirements for mortar work on the chimney stack and no alterations to existing fireplace recess and hearths. Any additional work which is necessary can be discussed, costed and agreed before proceeding with the installation.